Uri Gabai

Co-General Manager, Start-Up Nation Central

Mr. Gabai is the Co – General Manager and VP of Strategy of Start-Up Nation Central (SNC). This role includes overseeing strategy, policy and data and research activities in SNC. He also serves as the chairman of the board of Scale-Up Velocity, a human capital operations platform, working under the SNC umbrella, that specializes in hi-tech training programs.

Prior to this role Mr. Gabai served for seven years as the Chief Strategy Officer and head of the strategy and economic division in the Israel Innovation Authority (previously the office of the chief scientist in the Israeli Ministry of Economy and Industry, or OCS). He has led the division since its establishment in October 2011, focusing on strategy, evaluation, budget planning and research. In this role he also led the transformation from the OCS to the Israel Innovation Authority. This included an in depth strategic, institutional, and organizational change.

For five years prior to that appointment, Mr. Gabai was a senior economist at the National Economic Council in the Prime Minister’s Office. At the National Economic Council, he led the Macroeconomic team and was involved in several government initiatives, among which, a new fiscal rule for the Government of Israel, a 7 billion USD program for transportation infrastructure, a reform in the entitlement criteria for elderly citizens and more.

Mr. Gabai is a regular participant in international forums dealing with innovation policy and lectures regularly on Israel’s emergence as a leading country in technological innovation.

In addition to his public position, Mr. Gabai is teaching courses in economics, focusing on economics of innovation and theoretical economics.

Mr. Gabai holds a bachelor’s degree in economics and computer sciences from the Hebrew university, as well as a Master of Economics also from the Hebrew university, specializing in game theory.