Juergen Bilo

Managing Director co-pace GmbH- The Startup Organization of Continental

Juergen Bilo is Managing Director of co-pace, the Startup Organization of Continental.

Prior, Juergen led Strategy and Innovation for Corporate Systems and Technology, Continental’s cross divisional corporate function.

Juergen started his career with VDO A. Schindling AG as Embedded Microcontroller Software Engineer further advancing to management roles in several areas.

Throughout his career, Juergen accompanied several acquisitions, from VDO A. Schindling AG, to Mannesmann VDO, Siemens VDO on to Continental AG.

In these companies, Juergen held several senior leadership roles as Managing Director and Vice President in Germany and the US, spanning from Displays, Instrument Clusters, Haptic- and Climate Controls and Hybrid Electric Vehicles. Thereby gaining a well-rounded perspective of automotive technologies and operations, which he greatly leverages for the success of co-pace.

Juergen holds a Degree in Electrical Engineering, Business Administration and an Executive Management Education of Babson College USA.