Henry Zimmerman

Henry Zimmerman

Owner and chairman of the Trellidor Group and chairman of the Northern Branch of the Manufacturers Association of Israel


• Born in South Africa in 1962

• In 1973 Henry immigrated to Israel with his family – ardent Zionists with a great love for Israel  

• Henry is married to Vered, has 3 children and lives in Rishpon Israel


Henry serves as the Chairman of the Trellidor Group – an industrial manufacturing company focused on advanced metal technologies and production of a large range of products. Trellidor is spread over an area of 50 dunams and is situated in Carmiel in northern Israel.  

The company comprises 3 separate companies with approximately 700 employees – Arabs, Jews, Christians and Jewish religious and secular employees all working side by side in harmony.  

Henry is a passionate Industrialist, active in the Israeli Manufacturer’s Association, serving as the Chairman of the Israeli Manufacturer’s Association in the north (voluntary activity).

The main objectives of the Manufacturer’s Association in Israel is to support and encourage entrepreneurship in the Industrial Sector, allocating time and resources to guide the younger generation and to support industry in the country,  recognizing that profitable companies create jobs – the key to a successful society and strong economy.  

Henry is an active supporter of Jewish-Arab cooperation assisting in breaking barriers between the various classes and religions in society with the aim of helping to promote economic stability in the region.  

Brief History

In 1985 Henry founded the “Tana Marketing Company”, and from 1987-1994 held exclusive distribution rights for the water purification device – the Tami 4.  Henry’s innovative and extremely successful marketing programs resulted in soaring sales and unprecedented success, leading to the sale of Tami 4 to the Strauss Group.

In 1988 Henry established a partnership with Messrs. Hagai and Malachi Dumpty and together they recognized the interest and need in the market for security bars. Trellidor Israel was born, and soon became the leading manufacturing company in the country in its field, expanding to other areas and many diversified products.

In 2003 Henry and his partners established Blocker, a company specializing in the D.I.Y. market.

In 2011 Trellidor acquired Incomac, a company located in Nahariya, and moved all its activities including its’ 50 employees to the Trellidor campus in Carmiel.  Today Incomac is one of the leading electronic packaging companies in the country.

In 2019  Trellidor purchased Eltron LTD ,  the leading company in Israel manufacturing  and installing a very wide range of Industrial gates and dock levels.

In 2019 , Trellidor made a partnership with Mullhandbrand LLC in California, and established a full manufacturing facility  wherein the Market, manufacture an Install a wide range of aluminum gates, fences , pergulas and railings.