Amit Dror

Co-Founder and Customer Success Officer, Nano Dimension

An entrepreneur, Amit Dror Co-Founder and CSO of Nano Dimension, the world’s leading additive electronics provider. Since 2014 to 2020 was CEO of the Nano Dimension.

Started in the Telecoms industry and spent a decade at ECI and Comverse, before co-founding his first start-up, Eternegy Ltd in 2010, which focused on solar power and environmentally friendly electricity generation.

Co-founded the Milk & Honey Whiskey Distillery. Israel’s first ever whisky distillery, the company produces each whisky to the highest standards. It was soon recognized by Forbes and nominated as one to try.

It was not long before Amit recognized a further niche in the marketplace – this time with additive electronics, and he co-founded Nano Dimension in 2012. Amit currently serves as Nano Dimension’s CEO.

Recognized as the world’s leading additive electronics provider, and a company that is disrupting, reshaping and defining the future of how cognitive, connected electronic products are made.

Amit is keenly aware that the Nano Dimension technology will soon impact the future of every industry from medical devices and telecommunications to the defense, aerospace and automotive industries, and will heavily influence our personal futures in years to come.

Nano Dimension has an unmatched product portfolio including the unrivalled and award-winning DragonFly™ Pro System for Precision Additive Manufacturing of Printed Electronics. “This machine essentially prints simultaneously Nano-metal and complex-polymer which has never been done before. This means that electronics can be produced more quickly and securely in-house, with lower costs and disruptive designs than ever before.”

“We are enabling the electronics industry to catch up with the fast-paced world of today – and print electronics immediately and in-house. This makes our solution a cost-effective, highly efficient and accessible way to produce the much-needed electronics proliferating through our lives today – in smaller sizes and even different shapes.”