Jim Tobojka

Senior Vice President Global Supply Chain Strategy and Performance, Schneider Electric

In the business world, companies can come and go with the times. However, there are some that last for ages, and great leadership is the secret. A leadership that can spearhead a highly complex supply chain environment and elevate best-practices, leaving the organization and its people firmly grounded for sustainable growth well into the future, and motivating a forward momentum.

Jim Tobojka is one of those leaders and driving results as the Senior Vice President for Global Supply Chain Strategy and Performance of Schneider Electric, is what he is all about. He oversees all aspects and initiatives associated with the Supply Chain Strategy and Transformation, including Schneider Electric’s customer-centric Tailored Sustainable & Connected 4.0 (TSC4.0) Supply Chain program, innovation, industrialization and corporate technology coordination, standardizations management, Schneider Performance System (SPS), and Network Design.

In 2017 to 2018, he led the East Asia, Japan and Pacific region as Senior Vice President for Global Supply Chain wherein he oversaw the end to end Supply Chain organization of the region comprised of 18 countries, 22 factories, 21 distribution centers, with approximately 9,000 employees.

Prior to his regional role, he was the Vice President for Philippine Operations and EAJP Supply Chain Deployment. He was responsible for profitability, customer satisfaction, on-time delivery of quality products, regional industrial deployment studies and several strategic project implementations.

Originally from Rhode Island, USA, he joined American Power Conversion Corporation (APCC) in 1994 as Production Manager in West Kingston, USA. A year after, he became Manufacturing Operations Manager. In 1996, he was assigned to APC Philippines as the Managing Director, before being promoted to Director of East Asia Operations in 2003, wherein he managed six facilities both in the Philippines and China (with approximately 2600 employees – two thirds of total manpower of APCC). In 2007, he was appointed CGM and APJ Operations Manager, responsible for the overall Business Operations and Profit and Loss (P&L) in the Philippines with an overall headcount of close to 2,000 employees.

Jim has sustained the health of the corporate culture and workplace environment on a global perspective. He feels responsible for the long-term security of the people and the company and is proud to have mentored and guided many to progress in their careers to senior leadership roles.