Berthold Veenendaal

Senior VP Start Up Partner, Innovation, Schneider Electric

Barthold, 60 years old, joined Schneider Electric in 1999. He initially worked for several years as Country Manager, then as Senior Vice President of Business&IT Transformation, of Sensors and Field Devices Global Division, of Energy Storage Strategic Initiative, of Schneider Naming Project, and now of Innovation@edge Start Up Partners

Aside of Schneider, Barthold held various leadership roles such as: International Atomic Energy Agency, (IAEA), United Nations – Royal Philips, Corporate Legal department (Eindhoven, Paris) – Unichips Finanzaria, a food company holding (Milano), Member of the board – Advising Start Ups

Barthold is graduated in Economics and Law from the University of Utrecht and Rotterdam Netherlands and in International Relationships International Public Law from the Diplomatic Institute of Vienna Austria

He likes: Persons who see problems as opportunities
He dislikes: Persons who do not see problems as opportunities
He admires:  Persons who become stronger when the pressure rises
His favourite quote: ἄνθρωpος µέtρον, (Ánthropos métron), or “Man is the Measure of all Things” –  Protagoras