Industry 4.0 Global Leaders Summit 2020

December 1-3, 2020

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Session Videos

Fireside Chats, Industry Spotlights, Panels

Innovating Industry to Meet Challenges of the New Digital Age
CVC role in shaping trends
The Digital Supply Chain Challenges
Empowering Energy Management with Industry 4.0
The UAE Vision and Strategy for A
Accelerating Digital Transformation
Schneider Electric and Prisma Photonics
Industrial Software
Machine Monitoring
CyberX and Inven Capital
Industry Perspective- Roll 2 Roll
Guidebook of Best Industry 4.0 Applications and Industry 4.0 Global Research Report
Accelerating Supply Chain Resilency
From Bearings to AI
Energy meets Industry 4.0
Automation- Rockwell Automation
Medical Devices
a Close Look Into Innovability at Enel
Industry 4.0 in the UAE

Roundtables and Track Events

3D Printing Disrupting Industrial Manufacturing
Innovation in Logistics
Digital Twin Bridging the Physical and Digital
5G Private Clouds for Industry 4 0
I4Valley Inudstry 4 0 Opportunities
From Wired to Wireless Factory Automation
Cybersecurity Operations
Innovation Hunting
Food & Beverage
Transforming the Water Sector With IOT and Data
Scaling Supply Chain Through Partnerships
Nearshoring Production in LAC Creates
A Global View on Industry 4 0 Acceleration
Digitalization of Process Manufacturing
MAI Industry 40 applications for Israeli Industry
Venture Capital Landscape in Michigan